Rebirth of EU contract law proposal

The European Commission has published some more information on its comprehensive digital single market strategy. This will include measures to make e-commerce easier. A passage in the fact-sheet which accompanies the latest announcement (6 May 2015) says this:-

The Commission will put forward clear contractual rules for online sales of both physical goods like shoes or furniture and digital content, like e-books or apps. It will fill in the existing legislative gap at EU level regarding digital content and will harmonise a key set of rules for physical goods. This will create a level-playing field for businesses, allow them to take full advantage of the Digital Single Market and sell with confidence across borders. At the same time, it will boost consumer trust in online purchases. Consumers will have even more solid and effective rights. For example, if the e-book you just bought is defective, it will be easier for you to obtain a remedy against the trader. Europeans will be able to shop in other EU countries as easily as in their home countries and get the best products at the best price.

It will be interesting to see these “clear contractual rules for online sales” and to see what form harmonisation will take. This does not sound like an optional instrument solution.

Another important part of the digital market strategy will be the modernisation of EU copyright rules.


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