New Polish private law blog

I’m grateful to Ross MacDonald for passing on information about a new Polish private law blog.

The blog, which is written in English, can be accessed at Its introduction says that:-

The website is addressed to lawyers dealing both with doctrine and practice, as well as to the others interested in current events in private law. Its aim, however, is not to replace traditional analysis, which remains essential for professional lawyers. It also does not aim merely to provide news on legal acts and publications – which is a task for e-information of another type.  The goal we are pursuing is rather to report changes in the legal discourse, on new issues and trends coming up within the civil law domain and its particular areas – especially triggered by new legislation, books and articles, but also by new events on the market situation.

One recent article on “Law and e-society: the new paradigm of discourse” examines the impact of legal websites and blogs.

The websites on legal issues are requiring lawyers to go beyond the frames of their discourse existing up to now, considered as the traditional Begriffjurisprudenz. The focus on analysing texts and finding hidden meanings still remains the domain of “thick books”. However, what is new, fresh and still being sketched out, what is going on in law and jurisprudence as a result of changes within social mechanisms and social communication and, finally, what was previously not considered mature enough to be introduced into legal discourse – is now finding its way onto websites.

I liked the bit about “what was not previously considered mature enough to be introduced into legal discourse”. It reminded me of the excellent “Work not yet in progress” series of talks organised by the Edinburgh Centre for Private Law.

The article doesn’t mention the two greatest delights of blog posts – their brevity and their immediacy. The real contrast is not between the “thick book” and the blog post but the article in a legal journal, which must be reasonably weighty and which can take over a year to be published, and the quick note which can be light and which can be published with a click of the mouse.

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